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01 Nice Song
02 Motto
03 Agapé
04 Interlude (veľrybky)
05 Cannibal
06 Diamond Coat
07 Blue
08 Dieťa Slnka
09 Right Choice
10 Agapé (Hertztruba remix)
Botanika Botanika CD

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Cigarette Tongue
Skin Hunger (We Are Human Beings)
Describe My Name
Tri Mestá

About us

Tolstoys is a young quintet delivering mature sounding dream-pop with elements of electronic and acoustic music.

The unmistakable voice and sensitive expression of the singer Ela Tolstova, mingled in with melancholic indie-pop melodies, precise rhythm section, and interesting arrangements (violin, double-bass, and samples) will quickly draw you in.

“To be making music this good, this challenging yet polished at the same time at such an early stage in their careers can only reap dividends for the future.” – Dom Gourlay, Editor of Drowned in Sound

Their album “Botanika” has won the Debut of the Year Award at the Radio Head Awards 2017.

They performed at the Colours of Ostrava, Pohoda and Grape festivals and important showcase festivals around, such as -MENT in Ljubljana, BUSH in Budapest, Sharpe in Bratislava, Nouvelle in Prague and the most prestigious showcase festival in Europe — the Dutch Eurosonic Noorderslag. They opened for Tom Odell or Lola Marsh.

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